Insurance Tips from MBC Collision

If you are involved in an accident you must:

You are not required to:

Bet you didn't know:

If your vehicle is damaged in an accident you have the right to:

Choose your own body shop.

Have your truck or equipment towed to the shop of your choice. Don't let your insurance company specify a shop so they can receive a discount on your repairs. Call your insurance company and advise them of your vehicle's location. Let your body shop go over the damage with your insurance company representative.

Have your truck restored to pre-accident condition.

Your truck should look and perform the way it did before the accident. Even minor cosmetic damage should also be repaired at this time. Every little nick or chip can lead to rust damage later and will deduct from the value of your truck.

The Importance of Genuine Replacement Parts

Don't be fooled by "lifetime warranties" on imitation parts. Significant additional costs can be incurred if these warranties do not include labor.

If the insurance company insists on imitation parts, ask for proof that they are equal to genuine parts in terms of fit, finish and corrosion protection. In making your final decision of which parts to use, consider the hidden cost of future repairs, reduced resale value, and the possible risk to passenger safety which you may have to face one day.

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